XR5L (Fully Integrated Wall/Ceiling Mounted X-ray Room)

Economical Full-Featured Radiographic Room

The XR5L is a full-featured radiographic room that comes standard with the Rayence 1417WCC DR system which is fully integrated with the generator controls and all DR and generator functions can be controlled from the large touch screen workstation display

  • Fully Integrated
  • Wall Stand Lowers to Below 10”

  • Compact Design

  • 4 Way Table (6 way elevating table optional)

  • Recessed Foot-Pedals

Ability to configure the system with either a compact 4 way floating top or optional 6 way elevating top table.

The long vertical travel of both the wall stand and tube arm facilitate a full range of exams

The single large foot pedal release simplifies movement and locking of tabletop

Crosstable exams are easily
performed using the +/- 180 degree rotational and +/- 5” transverse positioning capability


Model 1417WCC
Style floor to wall or ceiling
Rail length 8 ft rail or 10 ft rail
Transverse travel plus / minus 5" travel
Long Travel of Focal Spot 75.7" w/ 8ft rail, 99.7" w/ 10ft rail
Display angulation dial, handgrips, electric locks
Vertical Travel Range 76.8" max, 76.4-76.9 trunnion,
13.5 beam horizontal
Wall to focal spot at detent position 39.2" platform, 40.3" trunnion ring
Tube Rotation 180 degrees 90 degrees detents
Model S109
Vertical Travel Range 9.75" - 72.75"
Left or Right Hand Load Bucky yes
Model E411
Tube Focal Spot .6-1.5 focal, 200 KHU
Model 5658
Style LED , 150kVp w/ swivel mount
Features laser bucky light and tape measure
Generator Power Output 421/3e, 42kW high freq
mA range 25-500mA
Power 205/250-1 phase 208/408-3 phase
mAs range 0.1-600mAs
Model S210
Movement four way float
Vertical travel none
Transverse/Long Travel 10" transverse, 32" longitudinal
Dimensions 84"x30.5", table height 31.5"
Grid 103LP, 10:1
Option can upgrade to 6 way (S211)
Table travel 22"-33"
Transverse travel plus or minus 5"
Longitudinal travel 32"
Weight Capacity 400 lbs
Min. Required 12'6" x 11' x 9'

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