X-CEL 715-BD Podiatry X-Ray System


X-CEL 715-BD Podiatry X-Ray System is the leading manufacturer with products made in the USA for the podiatry market. Podiatrists now have a smart & cost-effective way to upgrade their current X-ray systems. ADA, Section 44 of the IRS Code, still offers a $5,000 tax credit with a low base! [Link]

Explore our Rayence 1012WCC Wireless DR Detector for a seamless and enhanced experience.



  • Eliminate the need to rotate the patient for the DP view
  • Features the low voltage expose switch with optional remote key box
  • Eliminate the need to rotate the arm for the AP view
  • Include features that can meet ADA guidelines
  • Eliminate the need to readjust the collimator lateral views
  • Enable wheelchair patients to be easily accommodated without having to leave the wheelchair

Single Directional Orthoposer – Great base for small offices and made for X-CEL X-Ray Systems.

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