1717 WCC

1717WCC/WGC • 17×17 Wireless Flat Panel Detector

The new, ergonomically designed C-Series Cesium Iodide and Gadolinium Oxysulfide wireless detectors are designed to offer new levels of handling, functionality and exceptional diagnostic image quality in the x-ray room and portable applications. Carbon-fiber, seamless unibody construction combined with a shock, vibration and scratch resistant composition makes them well-suited for demanding imaging environments.
Rayence 1717WCC/WGC detectors are manufactured using its own scintillator formulation and feature high detective quantum efficiency, an impressive pixel pitch of 127 microns, and a resolution of 3.93 lp/mm, assuring the delivery of exceptionally sharp, high quality images.

Auto triggering technology permits the detectors to be installed without integration to the x-ray generator and underscores their capability of being used in various imaging environments. The built-in memory stores up to 200 images and allows images to be taken if a computer connection is unavailable, and prevents the loss of images should there be an interruption of power or internet connection. An Auto Image Rotation function eliminates the need for the technologist to configure image orientation by automatically displaying images correctly.

  • Tapered, Recessed Edges
  • Thin and Lightweight Design
  • Optional Portable Battery Charger
  • Image Storage Up To 200 Images
  • Room Sharing Functionality
  • Auto Triggering Technology

Features & Specifications

  • Tapered, Recessed Edges
  • Magnetic Battery Charger
  • IPX6 Water Resistant
  • Image Storage: 200 Images
  • Room Sharing Functionality
  • Auto-Trigger Signal Sensing Technology
Active Area 17 x 17 inch
Sensor Type Amorphous Silicon with TFT
Scintillator Cesium (1717WCC)/Gadox (1717WGC)
Pixel Matrix 3268 x 3268
Pixel Pitch 127 um
A/D Conversion 14/16 bit
Resolution Max. 3.93 lp/mm
Preview Time ≤ 2 Sec.
Energy Range 40~150kVp
Battery Operating Time Typ. 4 hrs
Weight 7.7 lbs (including battery)
Dimensions 18.1 x 18.1 x 0.6 in

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