AMRAD Medical FRS Classic Elite X-Ray System


The Amrad Medical FRS Classic Elite System (Floor Rail System) is a unique flexible full-featured multi-purpose radiographic room.

• Improve Productivity – Migrating exams to standing positions helps to improve productivity

• Simplicity – A simple durable design minimizes the potential for downtime 

• Protect your investment – The single receptor design protects your DR investment by not requiring panel movement between receptor locations 

• Minimal Learning Curve – Traditional floor-mounted design means no complicated learning curve for technologists 

Explore our AMRAD Medical DFMT Elite System for a seamless and enhanced experience.


  • Fully Integrated
  • Collision Sensing and Power Disrupt
  • Tilting Motorized Elevating Bucky
  • Locking Wheels Mobile Table
  • Manual Counter Balanced X-Ray Tube Movement
  • Flexible for Multiple Exam Views
  • 5 Year Warranty

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